Craft Gallery

Craft Gallery (division of Kyrou Tailoring) would like to invite you to look through our hand made “treasures from the heart”.  Take time to view all the items listed in the menu.  Make time to stop in and see additional items.

Available Adult Vest


 Christmas Vest

Vest 3   Vest 4
  Gingerbread cookies (tapestry)    Santa's sled
 V-H-11    V-H-19
Vest 5   Vest 26
 Snowflakes and snowman    Christmas penguins at north pole
V-H-23   V-H-18


 Halloween Vest

Vest 23   Vest 25
 Pumpkings harvest (tapestry)    Autumn leaves
 V-H-13    V-H-16 
Vest 20   Vest 24
 Witch on broom "Punch it Broomzelda"    Halloween pumpkins and ghost
V-H-14    V-H-22


 Easter Vest

Vest 16   Vest 22
 Bunnies w/ Easter eggs (tapestry)    Bears & Bunnies
 V-H-10     V-H-17
Vest 17   Vest 21
 House, cats, fence, summer    Rabbits - gardening (tapestry)
 V-MI-18    V-AN-11


 Floral Vest

Vest 1

 Roses (tapestry)


 Animal Vest

Vest 19   Vest 6
 Cats    Cats (tapestry)
V-AN-10   V-AN-9


 Patriotic Vest

Vest 15
 Uncle Sam "Made in USA"


 Music Vest

Vest 10   Vest 14
 Piano keyboard vertical & music notes    Piano keyboard along bottom & music notes glitter look
V-MU-2    V-MU-3


 School Vest

Vest 18
 Books (tapestry)
Vest 9   Vest 7
 Raggedy Ann, letters, & numbers on black background    Apple, ABC, 123
 V-SC-7    V-SC-8
Vest 12   Vest 13
  Bears on tan w/ 1,2,3 & a,b,c (tapestry)    Trains, planes, bears in diamonds (tapestry)
V-AN-8   V-MI-17


Sewing Vest

Vest 11
 Sewing stuff (tapestry)


 Western Vest

Vest 8
 Western buffalo


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