Leather Cleaning


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Leather Cleaning

Specialized cleaning process for Leathers & Suede's

There's nothing like the unique feel and character of leather! 
From the buttery-soft feel of lamb skin, to the durability of cowhide,
Letter Jacketyou can restore the beauty and extend the life of your 

leRed Leather Coatather garments
and accessories with regular care and proper leather dry cleaning.  
Leather dry cleaning not only removes the obvious soil and stains, it also
restores lost color and oils that are lost through normal wear, exposure to UV light and age.
The most advanced methods of leather dry cleaning for over 30 years are provided
The cleaning products and equipment are specifically designed for leathers.


Garments Cleaning

Women's Long Black Leather Jacket
Men's Long Black Leather Jacket

 Coats, athletic jackets, snowmobile suits

Pants, skirts, shorts, dresses, shirts, vests, chaps

MOTORCYCLE APPARELWomens Black Leather Coat with Fur Colar
Leather Mens Coat with White ColarJackets, vests, chaps, pants

Hats & Caps


Specialized Leather Dry Cleaning Process

Pre-cleaning inspection: 
Sorting, Pre-Spotting & Cleaning: 
Finishing & Color Restoration:

Final Inspection: