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Men's Long Dress Ties

At Kyrou Tailoring we use the best methods to insure quality and longevity. Our ties are manufactured by a combination of sewing machine as well as by hand. A special machine is used that allows the tie to be turned inside out, and then sew up with only a single thread. Our handmade ties (cream of the crop) go through a rigorous detailed process. Selected fabric is first cut manually. It has to placed in the correct form fixed with pins, and finally sewn with needle and thread. Both of these methods produce quality ties.

The tailors and fashion consultants at Kyou Tailoring will help you select a tie to coordinate for a single garment...or your entire wardrobe. Ties also make great gift ideas for any holiday or special occasion.

We can custom make ties to meet your specific need or to match an outfit.

The following represents only a small selection of our collection!

Solid Long Dress Ties

Endless weaves and color shades are available in solid colored ties. The most common selection for a suit shirt combination begins with the solid ties. Don’t be fooled, a solid tie will not be perceived as a lack of fashion sense; however it is quite the opposite.


Strip Long Dress Ties

Striped ties offer endless possibilities.€ An individual reveals their sense for culture, while simultaneously permitting the conservative dressed man to reveal his profile by sporting flashy daring color combinations.


Specialty Long Dress Ties

Ties with all-over patterns
These pattern motifs cover symmetrically the entire necktie. Motifs that are small and tasteful are most desired. Otherwise they can be uneasy on the eye and draw unwanted attention.

Solid * Stripes * Patterns

Silk * Poly-fiber * Micro woven

Hundreds to choose from!
Let us know how we can help with your neckwear.


Ties with geometrical patterns

The elaborate weave on some creates a three-dimensional appearance, while others can simply make you dizzy by looking at them. Geometrical ties are an eye-catcher due to their deceiving effects. However, avoid wearing patterns that may be too mesmerizing for business lunches or making a deal with an associate. Most sought after are patterns that seem inconspicuous at first glance and only reveal their elegance upon closer observation.

Ask Us about Matching Ties & Cummerbunds for Formal Wear. Pocket Squares Available In hundreds of colors!


Instructions on how to tie your long dress tie.
There is a large variety of tie knots, but actually most men will get by with three basic knots. The easiest and most important is the simple knot also known as the “Four in hand” necktie knot. It goes well with all men’s ties, looks great on most collars, and will compliment many looks and styles. The “Four in hand” always has a slightly longer and somewhat narrower shape. It is therefore best suited for dress shirts with a narrower collar spread.

1. Place the necktie around your neck with the broader end on your right. The tie must hang lower down than the narrower end.
2. Now take the broad end and move it left and across the narrow end, holding the narrow end in your left hand.
3. Pass the broad end around the narrow end so that it is lying on the left again. The four in hand tie-knot is beginning to take on shape.
4. Pass the broad end underneath the half-formed knot, lifting it slightly.
5. Then, with your left hand, lead the broad end from underneath over the half knot and pull the whole broader end through to the front.