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Scarfs, Shawls, Stole, and Pashmina's

Scarf, shawl, stole, or pashmina can be worn using any of these (3) most common methods.


Full Shawl Wrap
This being the simplest of all methods requires opening the garment up and wrapping around your shoulders. This would be ideal for early morning chills or evening walks under the stars. Functional yet stylish.

Belt Style
The garment is wrapped around the waist, so that is drapes nicely. This method is recommended for those that have no hips.

Hollywood Style
Two garments of the same material are combined (intertwined) and commonly tied around the neck. The introduction of a second garment gives you versatility with colors as well as matching or contrasting you outfit.


Here are two step-by-step examples of common folds.

Example #1

1) Fold scarf in half diagonally:
2) Fold in half again:
3) Fold in half a third time:


Example #2

1) Place middle of scarf at back of neck; let ends hang down in front
2) Wrap ends around each other once loosely
3) Then loop over each other again loosely
4) Still holding ends, bring them to back of neck and tie in a tiny knot

*Tips: Make sure to keep the twist loose which adds to the style.


When to Wear:
Excellent for filling in the neck of a suit, jacket, or coat! Great for over sweaters too!