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Kyrou Tailoring specializes in leather cleaning and repair. We work on all types of leather and suede.
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Leather clothing from the past and present has always been held in high regard to the owner. The shear comfort of leather is irreplaceable. Leather is chosen for its durability. It ages well and looks good after many years of use. Taking proper care of your leather by simply cleaning will not only improve the appearance, but will aid in your garment lasting longer.

Whether you need to restore the functionality of your garment by replacing a broken zipper or missing button, or you want to restore the beauty by repairing damage, we can help!

All type of service can be provided on any of your leather garments.

Leather Garments can be cleaning and restored to their original natural beauty.

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Relining of Leather Garments
We have the ability to replace the lining in all types of garments. We only use high quality lining materials that will provide durability for leather garments. Most popular lining materials include Satin Over-Coat linings which come in several colors for you to choose from, or in quilted lining for jackets and coats with thickening batting non-woven material. Come in and look through our lining swatch booklets. Out in house tailors will assist you in selecting the perfect match.  Relining is a perfect way to extend the life of your garment which is economically a great investment.

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