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Leather Cleaning

Q: How can I know for sure what it will cost to have my garment cleaned?
A: Bring in your garment during our business hours and one of our on staff tailors will review the details of your garment and offer a free estimate. No appointments are required.

Q: I left my jacket in the basement and it has mildew. Will it come out?
A: Mildew stains that have not permanently damaged the skin will result in successfully removal. Prior to cleaning the garment is treated in the ozone booth to remove odor associated with mildew. Despite all of our efforts, there are few times a faint mildew odor may remain.

Q: How long does it take to clean my jacket?
A: Please allow 14 business days once you bring in your garment. Depending on the time of year
and our current demand, you will be given a more precious completion date upon placing your

Q: I got caught in the rain with my suede jacket and now it has water marks. Will that come out?
A: Yes. The standard cleaning process will remove the water spots.

Q: Will the color be the same after cleaning?
A: While cleaning can sometimes alter the color slightly, every effort is made to restore the
garment to it original color.

Q: The black has worn off my leather jacket. Can you fix that?
A: You will be pleased to know that as part of our normal cleaning & finishing process any lost
color on smooth leathers will be restored. Any worn areas will be re-dyed.

Q: My pastel colored suede has discolored in certain areas. Why does that happen and can you fix it?
A: Your garments age and exposure to UV light are contributing factors to pastels being prone to
oxidation. In order to mask color loss and provide a more uniform appearance, a translucent dye is added to an oil spray. Despite all efforts, significant oxidation cannot be eliminated. In situations such as this, immersion dye process can be used to re-dye the garment black or brown.

Q: Can you clean varsity letter jackets?
A: Varsity (Athletic) Jackets are usually a leather and wool combination. We have the ability to clean the entire garment…from single color leather to multi-color leather. Our leather cleaning abilities are far reaching. Additionally, we have the ability to sew patches and perform any alterations needed.



Leather Alterations

Q: My zipper separates when I zip it up. Do I need a new pull or a new zipper?
A: The condition of the zipper needs to be examined. In most cases, where all the teeth are still in tacked and no missing or damaged parts to the zipper, often a new pull may solve the problem. Once you bring in your garment, one of our in house tailoring can advise on required repairs and provide a free estimate on the spot.

Q: Can you put a new zipper in my purse?
A: We have over 30 years of experience working with all kinds of leather garments and accessories. Every item has unique characteristics and construction. This garment and/or accessory needs to be reviewed by one of our in house tailors.

Q: Will it take longer to get repairs done with the cleaning?
A: Most repairs such as buttons, snaps, zippers and tears can be done within the normal cleaning time. Major repairs such as new linings and new components may take up to an additional week.

Q: The lining in my coat/jacket is wearing out, falling apart and in poor condition. Is this repairable?
A: We have the ability to replace the lining in all types of garments. We only use high quality lining materials that will provide durability for leather garments. Most popular lining materials include Satin Over-Coat linings which come in several colors for you to choose from, or in quilted lining for jackets and coats with thickening batting non-woven material. Come in and look through our lining swatch booklets. Our in house tailors will assist you in selecting the perfect match. Relining is a perfect way to extend the life of your garment which is economically a great investment.

Leather Repairs – Remodeling

Q: When you fix a tear in leather, will it be invisible?
A: Depending on the size and location of the tear in conjunction with the skin type will affect the
appearance of the repair. However, it will not be completely invisible. Depending on the size of the tear, we can completely replace the panel of leather for larger tears. This type of repair is highly dependent on the size of the panel and the location.

Q: Can you show me what to expect the end repair will look like?
A: We have displays to show you the “before” and “after” appearance of leather repairs.

Q: Can you replace an entire panel that has been damaged?
A: We have a wide selection of hides in several colors to repair your garment.

Q: When you replace a panel, does it matter what type of hide you
A: Yes, the beauty of leather is often defined by its unique and inherent characteristics. Cowhide is valued for its toughness and durability. Sheep or lambskin is known for its buttery softness. Pig suede is a versatile and economical skin common in many
garments today.

Q: Is there anything that can be done with an old leather trench coat? Can you transform my garment into a new one?
A: Most certainly! Our tailors have the ability to take apart the entire garment so that it can be
reconstructed into a new one. Many of our clients bring in leather garments that have been inherited and were no longer functional for their use or taste. We help them restore these heirlooms into once again usable garments.

Q: Do you do custom work with Leather?
A: Defiantly...share your needs with us and we will show you how Kyrou Tailoring can turn your dreams
into reality!